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Oakland Park 2017: Your Ultimate Guide to Polished Concrete, Concrete Countertops, and Kitchen Remodeling

Concrete countertops are usually handcrafted in popular kitchens because it can be customized depending on your kitchen needs ad preferences, giving a kitchen beautiful look and better functionality. It’s really amazing being able to create counters in any finish, color, size and shape of your choice. Professional contractors use specialized equipment and tools when casting a concrete countertop. Concrete is the most common material that designers and homeowners request and weave into their homes, restaurants, offices, retail outlets, and other establishments. Concrete countertops are the leading structure in the concrete craze.

Many homeowners and designers take advantage the flexibility of concrete and its ability to incorporate to other functional features like drainboards, sinks, and butcher blocks. The concrete material can also be used in constructing backsplashes and wet walls in complementary colors and different textures. The construction of concrete countertops can be built on site or pre-cast in a shop. Contractors can pre-cast concrete in the shop in controlled conditions using special casting tables. Those clients who want to form countertops with specific needs such as curved corner or radius edges can request contractors to build countertops on site. You’ll definitely find a trusted and reputable in Oakland Park that can meet your requirements with the highest quality of work whether you want an on-site concrete countertop construction or pre-cast concrete countertop done in a shop. Additives such as acrylic, silica fume pozzolan, and fiber reinforcement used in combination with cement and lightweight aggregates are used in making concrete countertops. Some type of reinforcement include fiber, fiberglass, wire mesh or steel.

Every countertop contractor offers unique premium and standard colors, using cement with different stains, pigments, and colors. Many modern homes and restaurants use gray cement due to its industrial appeal either the natural cement gray or use integral color pigments using the right hue. Many homeowners appreciate white countertops offering a clean and crisp look by adding pigments or additives in order to produce bright whites. Brown is the best color for a more traditional countertop, and brown countertops are usually colored with the use of topical stains for a richer and earthly tone. With concrete material, you can create wild designs, add drama or mix vibrant hues depending on your preference. When it comes to customized countertops, it is essential to pick a color that you really love, proper pairing complementary colors, draw inspiration from your backsplash and other kitchen elements, and ensure that your countertop is properly sealed.
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When choosing a concrete countertop contractor, you need to consider the reputation, credentials, expertise and the cost. Alow us to help you with your concrete countertop needs in Oakland Park, you can check our services and company profile by visiting our website or contacting us directly.Houses – My Most Valuable Tips