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How To Take Care Of The Environment. The space we live in is useful to us. Without a safe environment, we might not be able to live in harmony. At the same time the atmosphere takes a different shape. Globalisation bring about changes on the earth surface. There are factors that contribute to these advance changes. This is caused the increased number of people in the world. The expansion of the population is very fast. Many people are not able to practice family planning which causes high fertility level. There are constant things which can be affected by human development. One of this factors that remain constant over time is land. The surface space is unchangeable even when there is overpopulation. We always find ourselves in a position where we are forced to distribute the little resources amongst ourselves. One of the things that lead to development is land. The space on the earth calls for much care in order to produce high-quality results. Looking after the environment ensure maintenance of the naturally occurring resources. Without these natural resources the survival for man will be difficult. It is possible for a man to use the resources for the wrong purpose. Take for example the minerals, human beings are continually mining them. If this mining trend continues, we will no longer have minerals in future. Human being will spend more money to obtain basic needs in future.
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Overpopulation has led to deforestation. this number of people get higher while resources such as land is unchangeable. Man aggressively needs to look for comfortability by creating was to increase land. Human being find no other option than to cut down trees so that they can have a settlement area. Water resources have negatively affected by deforestation. aspects of life influence each other. Human beings should look after a few things for them to benefit from another. For instance, a good farming method should be invested for one to provide enough food for their family.
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high population does not allow us to care more about the environment. This challenges have contributed to global warming. The need to acquire more wealth has made many people engage in economic activities. Industrialisation is one of the economic activities that people engage in, but it has negative impacts. Natural resources are highly destroyed by air and land pollution. Human beings, therefore, be advised to take of the environment they live in. People who are concerned with the environment are taking the responsibility of campaigning about natural resources maintenance. If human beings were to be serious about environmental management then the worry of depleting the natural would be a history. Increased population growth can be changed over time. Human beings are the only people who have the solution to the environmental problems.