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What You Need To look Out For When Buying Dress Shoes

Every guy should consider having a pair of dress shoes. They are ideal for attending a wedding, going to the office or attending big meetings. They make you pop and are comfortable to move around. It is important to consider comfort when buying a pair of dress shoe. Finding a shoe that is comfortable,stylish and one that will last for a long time can be difficult. Read on to know how to identify the most comfortable dress shoe.

It is essential to know that just because the price of dress shoe is high, it doesn’t mean it is of the best quality. It is wise to look out for other aspects before purchasing. Dress shoes that are bought for $100 are of low quality. If you want a dress shoe that is comfortable and of high quality, you must spend $200 to $300. If you can, you can research to find out how the shoe was made. A skilled clobber will take their time to craft a dress shoe that is of high quality. The price of such a shoe will be higher because it is designed to last for many years.

In addition, dress shoe are categorized into three, full grain, top grain and genuine leather. Full grain leather is the best and of high quality because as it is made of the top of hide skin. This type of leather is the best because it is not sanded. Because it resists moisture, it will retain the look of the shoe for a long time. On the other hand, top grain leather us sanded and buffed to remove any imperfections. It does not last longer than full grain leather. Leftover leather that is of the lowest quality is used to make genuine leather. This is the best explanation as to why dress shoes have varying prices.

Sole stitched dress shoes are of high quality than glued ones. Before purchasing dress shoes it is important to look at the bottom of the shoe. It is wise to choose leather soles because they are comfortable compared to rubber ones. They are soft and get flexible with time making them hard to break. Stitched soles are more water resistant compared to glued ones. Dress shoes with more layers of sole tend to last longer. A triple sole is known to vast for many years but a double sole is also durable. A quality pair of dress shoe should not have any lose threads Hand crafted shoes are made of threading that cannot be easily noticed.

Lastly, dress shoes need not to be too long, too round or too wide. Properly designed dress shoes stand out from other types of shoes. If you don’t take proper care of dress shoes, they easily wear out.

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