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It is first recommended to choose the right place that you can market your products and also compare many other markets for your products and their characteristics and so as to be able to select the best target market for the products before coming up with the right product design.You should make sure that the product design satisfies your customers needs by providing all the required benefits needed by the customers. Multi functional products are likely to be preferred by many customers since different customers have different needs and hence multi functional products have different benefits to different customers. However, this design of the product which make the products have many different benefits to the customer may make the customer think that the product will have many promises to his or her needs which might turn not to be true.

For a normal or an average buyer products with many different functions may be somehow complicated for this kind of a customer to buy because they might get overwhelmed by these type of products and hence not meet their needs. A good product design should also be user-friendly to the target customers. The performance and quality of the product may affect the design of the product, and it is therefore recommended to consider these factors before coming up with a good product design.

Product development is achieved through proper research and development efforts of a company or a person to improve and modify the original products to provide new marketable brand of products. Developing a new product does not necessarily mean that it will be all well in the market because many new products still fail in the market because of some the following reasons. Lack of enough customers of the newly developed product may lack in case it was thought that they would be available and because of this overestimation of the market of the product may lead to the failure of the product. Poor designing, modification or development of the original product may make the product not to stand at the right position in the market and this may also lead to its failure in the market.The the last factor that may fail newly developed products in the market is the availability of tough competition where the competitors may be fighting harder than expected.

When developing a new product and its design one should search for new product ideas based on the product that one wants to develop.After coming up with the right idea of how to develop a new product and properly screening it is recommended to design a proper marketing strategy that will help you introduce the product in the market.After doing all the above and coming up with a new product you can take and test the new brand in the market.

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