Give Him Space to Keep Him

Everyone needs their space but, unlike most women, men will tell you. When he says he needs his space it doesn’t necessarily mean he is rejecting you. In fact, it may very well mean just the opposite. Although it may seem like an odd concept, when you give him space you have a better chance of keeping him.

Why He Needs His Space

If a man is falling for a woman it may be a little unnerving for him. He may need a little distance to sort out his feelings. Some of these feelings might include a concern for losing his independence and what that would mean. Try to imagine how he might be feeling rather than taking his distance personal.

Communicate How You Feel

Whatever you do, don’t freak out–at least not in front of him. Communicate how you feel without a desperate tone. It is perfectly okay to tell him that you enjoy his company and that you will miss him but that you understand. This isn’t to say that you should roll over and accept just anything thing. But, set a good time frame in mind before you decide that it’s over.

Giving him his space sends a strong message. It says you are not desperate and although you enjoy him you won’t crumble if he decides to leave. A man loves that sense of confidence and independence. It is also your saving grace in case he does leave permanently.

What Should You Do While He is Taking His Leave?

If you are already in a good space self confidence wise, this temporary separation might not feel so threatening although it might be a little unnerving. Take this time to reconnect with friends. Go on a short trip with the girls. Doing so will help you go through the withdrawals and it will show him that your world doesn’t revolve solely around him.

Time away from each other can be just what you two need to create a stronger bond. It will give each of you time to miss the other. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to see if he is someone who is worth waiting for.