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What You Should Know About Soul Yoga?

The ability to link the physical body and breathing is the achieved through dynamic positions and this is Soul Flow. It starts by having the room heated o that the breathing and mind are challenged and so that muscles can warm up so that the positions can be achieved easily. Soul Yoga enables starters, middle and the advanced to personally transform themselves while from their rugs.

Total workout for the body is done in this soul yoga classes. So that all groups of muscles are sculpted and toned the classes are set with energizing music. Your practice in yoga is complemented in soul yoga, your strength and flexibility are pushed to new levels and your metabolism is boosted. In these classes resistance is created, and in the soul sculpt yoga sequence free weights are added and at the same time poses are intensified. An extra challenge is achieved if lunges, squats and intensity and bicep and tricep curls are integrated in the strength-training exercises.

Soul flow yoga is an everybody’s playful practice and the classes are friendly for beginners. What is included in soul flow yoga is breath work, the soothing effect on the floor, meditation, balance, asanas and strength building. The needs for the body can be both restorative and active from your practice.

When going for the classes in soul yoga all there is no prior signing up.

Prenatal, those with injuries and beginners all enjoy a wonderful flow which is gentle and relaxing. Here you are taught basic yoga postures that are essential for your yoga’s foundation.

The therapeutic, slow, creative flow is needed in all yoga levels. The aim of this class is to explore what each pose is offering by balancing both the mind and body through holding the poses.

Yoga and essential oils is a good combination.

Soul yoga is a guided class and ideal for beginner and advanced yogis who are practicing to master poses or properly align themselves. Essential oils come in varieties and each class has a number of them all for the practices’ compliment. The use of the oils either during or after the yoga practice will be explained to the yogis.

Candlelight flow is when the class is lit with beautiful and classic candles. You are able to breathe, relax and stretch in this extremely peaceful place.

Yin is a practice done when sitting and holding the breath for a few minutes to enable deep work on the joint tissues. Beginners are educated on detoxification.

Blend is where the yin and slow flow yoga are aimed at warming the body. Movements connected to the breath is slow flow yoga and yin yan is where there is the breath holding between 3-5 minutes. Blend practice is ideal for those who sit for longer times.

The class is powerful, with a lot of fun, creativity and energy.

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