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Tricking Your Dog Into Enjoying The Vet.

Dog owners always experience the trauma their dog goes when taken for medication to a vet. The dogs are very uncomfortable with such trips and do try to avoid them. The problem is not easy to deal with, but when one has the knowledge of how to handle it, it should be less traumatizing. This post will help you make the process easier.

One of the ways to of making the process easier is by associating the process with something good. One way of getting a dog to feel good is by giving them something that makes them feel good. A dog does not feel good when it is given something it doesn’t like. Dogs are humans in the fact they remember bad experiences and can go at any length to avoid repeat visits. To overcome the problem, you need to take your dog in a nice place before and after a visit to the vet. This will ensure they associate the visit with a pleasant feeling and therefore have an easy time next time. Not only do dog owners find it challenging to take the pet to the vets, they also have a problem administering medications to the dog when they return home. Dog pill pockets can help dog owners have an easy time administer drugs that have been provided as pills. Medications that come in form of liquids, however, can be hidden in foods as it is the only way to make the dogs take them comfortably. It is disturbing to dog owners when they are having difficulties administering medications. Having the right information can help one handle the dog when giving them medications and taking them to the vet.

Dog owners can also make trips to the vets easy by making the pets feel comfortable. During the time one visits the vets place, most dogs feel uncomfortable. The reason for this is that in the vets place has a lot of people who the dogs are not familiar with. The dog also easily forgets that its owner is around in that place to provide security and protection. One way of reducing anxiety is by being in constant physical contact in the period you are there. This does make them feel safe and also helps keep them restrained. You can also consider talking to them to reassure them that you are there.

Dogs are good at smelling things. Certain scents will therefore help them feel comfortable than others. One way you can use this to help them be more comfortable is by taking their favorite toy. Dog treats that the pets are used to can help them smell the familiar scent. Providing food the dog is used to is a way of making them feel comfortable. However, one should be cautious because a dog that is excited is prone to throwing up.